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Eco Friendly Areca Palm Leaf

Plates n Bowls Disposable Dinnerware

Biodegradable Disposable Plates

Non-Polluting Areca Plates, Natural Dinnerware Plates

Chemical Free Disposable Plates

Set made from 100% Natural Areca Palm Leaf Sheath

Sustainable & Stylish disposable dinnerware

Eco Friendly Disposables

About Disposable Plate

When you use Creative Thali's disposable plates, the future is in your hands. Literally

The future holds great possibilities and sometimes, a fresh serving of lasagna topped with basil. Creative Thali eco-friendly disposable plates are not only elegant, durable, and lightweight, but are made with the much-needed love and respect our planet deserves.

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It's no debate disposable plates have made our lives easier but can the same be said for our environment? Sourcing the pulp for paper can annihilate forests, destabilize ecosystems, and wipe out entire species of wildlife. Used paper plates are often non-recyclable or difficult to biodegrade. What's worse: paper plates are often processed with bleaches, while petroleum-based plates, like Styrofoam, may leach dangerous chemicals into foods. And let's not forget the air pollution caused from manufacturing processes alone. Now, that's a plateful of problems for our planet!

Giving Our Community
Something to Smile About


Our disposable plates are perfect for hot meals, cold desserts,indoor parties, outdoor barbeques


Our plates are made from palm leaves that naturally shed from areca nut trees


Creative Thali plates can be disposed in green compost bins and will biodegrade in 2 months (unlike paper & plastic plates which take 5 to 50 years).


From large round dinner plates, to small square dessert bowls- we've got you covered


or glue, or chemicals, or plastic... simply water and the heat!


Our products support the livelihood of women in rural communities, who are offered sage working conditions, medical care and fair wages

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
"I Love these plates!.. The size was perfect for the appetizers we served in our patio party. The were sturdy and way better than cardboard."
Customer Testimonial

"I have purchased 2 packs of the smallest size of these plates to be used for cake/dessert at my wedding this coming January. These are awesome"
Customer Testimonial 2

"Loved using these and they are also Eco-Friendly Alternative to Plastic and Styrofoam that is Compostable and Biodegradable. "
Client Testimonial 3

"Every thing you would expect. Sturdy, stylish and simple. Loved it! "
Customer Testimonial 4

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